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Cambridge Cleantech member Creative Warehouse is giving advise on website development.


The Creative Warehouse team has help built multiple website, and for a range of clients. From start ups, to small businesses, to a University of Cambridge department.

But what they all have in common is the customers didn’t know the ins and outs of website design, build and writing, and so needed a partner to help.

We all understand how important websites are in the modern world. They’re a shop window for your company or organisation, which you’re often judged on.


Sometimes they can even make the difference between success and failure. So Simon, communications consultant, journalist, author, and business coach, thought it was worth setting out some important points to bear in mind when producing a website. Here’s what he has to say…

Website Key Messages


I go on about this an awful lot in communications, but forgive me, I’m going to have to do so again. Your key messages are more critical than just about anywhere else on your website.


People are busy and impatient.

They’re likely to spend only a few seconds looking at your site before deciding if they’re in the right place for what they want. Which means you have to make it clear what you do instantly.

And not just that, but you have to do it in an interesting, appealing, and intriguing way, to encourage them to stay and have a look around. Not to mention consider doing business with you.


The key message for the Cambridge Public Health site was:

– Improving the health and wellbeing of our societies together


For Creative Warehouse it’s:

 – All your communication problems solved with style


See how both say exactly what it is they’re all about instantly, and hopefully lead a visitor into wanting to find out more. Both core messages are prominently displayed on the sites as well, right at the top, and in big, bold text. People don’t have the patience to have to hunt around, so give them what they need up front and direct.


Less Is More on Websites


Here’s something else I bang on about a lot in the world of communication. I know you love your company, organisation or project. Which means I know you want to tell the world all about it.

But, just like the blabbermouth at a party, too much talk puts people off. Modern websites tend to be rich in lovely images, but sparse in text. So say what you need to say and stop.


Don’t forget that generally you don’t sell on a website. But what you can do is start a conversation. People can always get in touch if they want to talk further, which is where the real business is done.

And that reminds me. Make it simple for potential customers to contact you. A floating contact icon is easy to do, and our preferred way.

Do you find this interesting?


Simon has a lot more for you! Visit his website for more advise on websites For Start Ups.


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