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Deadline for Applications: 20th of August 2021 

Venue: Digital Event






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Who is Södra ?


Södra is made up of 3,000 employees who consider conversion of the forest products delivered by the 53,000 owners into renewable, climate-smart products to be the main mission. In Södra’s operations, the hole tree is used – even the branches and treetops.

The forest products are processed into paper and dissolving pulp, sawn timber, cross-laminated timber and other processed products for housing construction, energy products and raw material for liquid biofuels. Södra is an export company with a strong financial position. Both pulp production and the sawmill operations are among the largest in Europe, and the products are mainly sold in international markets.

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What are they looking for?


Södra is actively searching for highly innovative scalable solutions from scale-ups and start-ups within their strategic areas: forest, sawn timber, paper, textiles, chemicals and energy. Södra is a high volume and bulk company and mainly interested in solutions that are commercially verified and proven (TRL/CRL 6-9).


Of particular interest are:

• Commercialization of side streams and by-products from the production such as bark, sawdust, sludge, ash and to refine these into higher value products with a better sustainability performance than today’s alternatives. Examples could be biochar, materials, chemicals and other fully refined or semi-refined raw materials.


• Solutions that can benefit from industrial symbiosis or integration with Södras existing industrial site infrastructure, by means energy flows and/or logistics. Eg the use of residual warm water (approx. 60°C).


• New innovative business models within the areas above.

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