Airex, the smart ventilation control company, is featured on a BBC article!





Press Release 

Airex – Smart Ventilation Control Company and Cambridge Cleantech Member





How to cool your home in a warming world: Cambridge Cleantech member Airex is offering a sustainable solution to a growing problem.


On the 19th July, our member Airex was featured on a BBC article, “How to cool your home in a warming world”


“Controlling the flow of hot and cold air in underfloor spaces is the aim of UK start-up AirEx.


The firm has made smart air-bricks; the ones you may see with holes in on the side of buildings. Connected to the home’s wi-fi, they use sensors and “smart algorithms” to respond to temperature, humidity and air quality.


In winter they help keep homes warm. In summer, AirEx hopes, the wi-fi-connected bricks can help keep homes cool.”

“It is fantastic to see AirEx Technologies being mentioned in the BBC News yesterday!” – Said Agnes Czako, Co-founder at AirEx Technologies.

How it works


AirEx is a smart ventilation control (see image above). Sensors measure temperature, humidity and air quality. Smart algorithms enable automatic air flow regulation, while taking into account local weather and air quality data. AirEx opens to reduce underfloor humidity, and closes to reduce heat loss and improve your comfort, all without compromising on air quality in the home.

About AirEx


AirEx is a rapidly growing energy efficiency start-up, designing and manufacturing the UK’s first smart air brick technology, helping householders reduce their energy bills without compromising air quality.

Their mission is to lift millions of households out of fuel poverty and reduce the UK’s carbon emission with an affordable solution for the mass market. They are looking to hire a talented Business Development Manager to join their mission to tackle Fuel Poverty and Climate Change.



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