The Future of Low Carbon Mobility



Online Event 

Wednesday 8th September 2021 

Free for members


Gain clarity about what’s happening regarding low carbon mobility and get practical advice on how your organisation can adapt.


Oxfordshire Greentech, Cambridge Cleantech and Fit for the Future have teamed up to bring you an online event looking at the future of low carbon mobility in 2021, the state of the transport sector in a new Covid-era, and how as organisations we can position ourselves to prepare for and pioneer a new way of travel as we journey to 2030.



Low carbon mobility is one of the biggest challenges the world faces in its efforts to tackle climate change, with transport responsible for one fifth of all UK carbon emissions.

However, the low carbon mobility sector – and electric vehicles in particular – has seen rapid advancements in new technology, infrastructure and innovation, creating enormous opportunities in the coming decade.

The recent UK Government announcement that sales of new petrol and diesel cars will end by 2030 has accelerated the requirement for all organisations and individuals to plan for a low carbon transport future.

This event will signal the way; the latest trends in the electric vehicle sector, the new innovations and schemes happening nationally and locally spearheaded by private companies and local authorities, and how this will be relevant for our organisations.


Using Oxfordshire as a leading example, we will dig into some of the ways organisations are pushing forward the electric vehicle revolution and overcoming common barriers.


From freely available rapid infrastructure technology, to a second hand commercial EV market and from low carbon delivery services to entire zero emission zones, this event will inspire attendees of the art of the possible, and offer practical solutions for the transition to a low carbon transport future.


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