How to use neuroscience to ensure your low carbon business thrives | Workshop




Online Workshop by Oxfordshire Greentech and Sustainable Labs Results

Tuesday 14th  September 2021

Time: 10:00 – 12:00 BST



Unlock the secrets used by top companies to reach more customers and achieve better return on investment.



This workshop will show you how the most impactful business development strategies rely on simple principles of neuroscience and behavioural economics.

It will show you how you can apply the science of why people buy to transform your business development.

Not only does this approach ensure that sustainable businesses are the most successful ones, it ensures that you maximise the value of your digital carbon footprint.

What you’ll learn


  1. How to apply the latest learnings from neuroscience and behavioural economics to improve your sales and marketing
  2. How to overcome the inherent barriers in people’s brains when it comes to communicating complex green tech products and services
  3. The four steps every green tech business should take to grow customer numbers
  4. How to apply behavioural insights to increase average order values
  5. How to avoid the most common mistakes that hamper business growth.
  6. We will equip you with practical, data-backed tools that you can use straight away to improve your business.

Examples of how people like you have already used the research:


  • Rethinking brand messaging to better communicate the value of low carbon products and services
  • Redesigning websites to make it easier for people to buy your product or services
  • Rethinking client proposals to increase the number of people who say yes
  • Transforming pricing strategies to increase average order values


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