Why Greece is becoming a key energy storage market hub for Europe

The Greek Minister of Environment and Energy recently announced a 700 MW tender for energy storage, to be issued in the autumn with a procurement of €200 million (US$235 million) in subsidies.


In addition, through its Recovery and Resilience Plan, majority-funded by the EU, Greece plans on investing more than €450 million for the installation of 1,380 MW of energy storage (including pumped hydro storage) by 2030.

Greece seems to be bound to represent a key storage market in the next 10 years. In this webinar, Clean Horizon will provide an overall picture of the energy storage market in Greece and will highlight the rising opportunities for investors.


The Greek government is already developing a regulatory framework for the participation of energy storage units in the electricity markets. This is expected to be published very soon and should follow recommendations made by the Project Management Team set up by the Ministry of Environment and Energy’s General Directorate of Environmental Protection to identify gaps in the regulatory framework currently in place.

Clean Horizon will assess the rationale for energy storage in Greece as well as suggest the key revenue streams that might become available after the implementation of that new regulatory framework. The main opportunities for energy storage in Greece will be discussed by Clean Horizon during the webinar and will cover FCR, mFRR, grid congestion management and interruptibility services.

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