Doing Business in the USA

6th October 2021

Online Event 

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Join us for a webinar on opportunities and challenges for companies considering a US expansion.


Are you considering additional growth in the US market in 2021/2?


Join us at the ‘Doing Business in the USA’ webinar. Access to an array of speakers that can support UK businesses with US investment aspirations. We explore the comprehensive operational support needed to establish, grow and streamline your US business activity. Join this webinar to learn more about what you need to know and plan for in your US expansion and tools you can leverage.

During this event, you can also book 15 minutes 1-1 meetings with some of the speakers. Book a ticket for more information.
Key Webinar Takeaways


1. Location advice – directly from the Jacksonville Partnership, Florida and the great US States of Indiana, Pennsylvania.

2. When should I consider establishing US operations

3 When do I need to create a US company?

4 Where is the best place to set up in the States

5. How long does US set up take and how much does it cost?

6. How do I sell/pitch in the US as a UK/non-US company?

7. How is hiring different in the US, and what’s the optimal US team?

8. Does everyone really sue each other all the time in the US?

9. Are there government resources to assist with US expansion?

10. How to establish a US team without setting up a company

11. Setting up a US entity and bank account

12. Recruiting and employing US talent

13 Streamlining back office processes

14. Ensuring compliance across state and federal tax regimes

15. When should I look to raise money from US VC’s


View agenda here.

Interested in scaling your company internationally?


We have a Special Interest Group (SIG) just for that! Our Internationalisation SIG offers cleantech companies advice on how to scale to markets such as the United States, India, China and Latin America. Watch a recording of the latest webinar from this Special Interest Group here.


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