Amplify Programme – Cambridge

Application Deadline: 12th September 2021

Starting Date: Programme is due to start mid September 2021

Location: This programme runs from The Future Business Centre, Cambridge.

Description: A 3-month programme for amplifying your business growth.

The Amplify programme helps founders of established impact businesses who want to build a network of support and best practice for their ongoing journey.


Some founders may want to address growth – be it stagnated, restricted or associated problems often found with rapid growth. Others may want to refine efficiencies, explore new markets or establish best practice with innovation and increasing their positive impact.


What will the Amplify Programme consist of?


This programme focuses on the soft skills needed to lead and develop a business rather than the technical skills required at the pre-seed stage. Founders will join each other in facilitated peer conversations to compare and benchmark practices and share experiences, to help each other and generate new ideas, along with directed topical sessions led by experts.


Held every Thursday for 3 months, sessions will bring founders together to share best practice, discuss key issues with experts and plan routes through their specific challenges to take their business to the next level.


Topics to be covered include curating boards of trusted advisors, hiring and developing effective teams, leadership styles as well as professionalising systems, driving sales and giving your business a financial health check. View more information here.

Do you have questions?


If you’d like more information on the programme, please view the FAQs here or speak to the Programme ManagerEmma Mee on