Thermulon Ltd are crowdfunding

Thermulon is developing super-insulating aerogel materials to tackle the climate & fire-safety emergencies in the building sector.




  • Deadline: Thursday 9 September 2021
  • Target: £450,000




Why Thermulon are crowdfunding:


Thermulon’s nanoporous building insulation materials are engineered to fight the climate and fire-safety emergencies. Their award-winning innovation in process chemistry will meet developer needs by reducing the cost of non-flammable & superinsulating aerogels estimated up to 5x. Backed by Sustainable Ventures.

Local government states innovative insulation materials are indispensable to delivering Net Zero, while the Grenfell Tower fire reminds us that insulation must not compromise on fire-safety.


Today, insulation materials are either thick & fire-safe (mineral wool) or thin & flammable (PURs). Thermulon’s target is to develop the first material that’s highly-insulating (thin), fire-safe & affordable.

Our research with Ryder Architecture estimates that using Thermulon on a new apartment block could save 100mm in insulation thickness compared to mineral wool; potentially adding floor space equivalent to 7 additional 1-bed flats & making safe insulation a profitable move for developers.

The global thermal building insulation market worth $30bn in 2020 & estimated to grow by 4.8% /yr. Aerogels are a high-growth opportunity, forecast at 22.6% /yr.

Milestones since 2019:


-Proof of chemistry established at lab-scale

-6 Letters of Intent to purchase Thermulon’s materials

-Insulating plaster product defined & testing with first B2B customer

-Awarded £550k in InnovateUK equity-free grants

-Circular economy: first product from waste materials synthesised


We’re raising funds to grow our team, file our first patent, certify our product & get Thermulon’s insulation on walls.



We are inviting the Cambridge Cleantech community to invest in Thermulon via the crowdfunding campaign.

Here's a video on Thermulon's work

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