Latin America Net Zero Challenges

Image: Región de Valparaíso, Chile – By Tyler Gooding



What is the Latin America Net Zero Challenges?


The selected UK SMEs will engage in a series of curated matchmaking and capacity building activities with a cohort of 20 Latin American companies that will be selected by IdeaGov to take part in their Impact Acceleration Programme with the view of establishing equitable innovation partnerships.


The SMEs will also benefit from activities organised as part of the CiviTech Alliance COP-26 Global Scale-Up Programme, which is being implemented in partnership with the United Nations Development Program, the World Resources Institute and Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc.


As part of the project, Connected Places Catapult will also work with the City of Buenos Aires in Argentina, and Panama City to identify these city’s most critical challenges preventing decarbonisation and identify UK and local solutions that can help the cities to meet their climate-related targets.


If you want to learn more about the Programme, please contact Guilherme Johnston, Head of Partnerships, Global Business Growth,



Santiago, Chile | Photo by Francisco Kemeny
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The Challenges

In line with the upcoming State of Sao Paulo Climate Action Plan 2050, the following target challenges have been identified:


Challenge 1: Reduction of Emissions

A. Capture, store, use or remove carbon from the atmosphere, especially in urban and industrial centres?

B. Reduce the emission of greenhouse gases in urban and industrial centres by adopting new equipment and products with greater energy efficiency?


Challenge 2: Changing the Energy Matrix

A. Promote the use of new renewable energy sources (solar, wind, biomass, etc.) that are economically attractive?

B. Promote access to low-cost energy for the most vulnerable populations?


Challenge 3: Mobility and Sustainable Fuels

A. Stimulate the supply chain of advanced vehicles (electric and others) and their components as well as less polluting solutions for individual and collective transport?

B. Accelerate the transition to sustainable fuels and means of transport for passengers and logistics?


Challenge 4: Resilient Cities

A. Use of smart technologies that prevent or provide warnings to environmental changes, disasters and/or calamities?

B. Identify resilient infrastructure solutions to preemptively respond to potential disasters and protect communities?



More information on the challenges here.



Companies applying will need to be based in, or have an office in the UK.


To qualify, you must be an SME with fewer than 250 employees.  We are looking for SMEs who have a post-Minimal Viable Product (MVP) stage solution.


You can be either a service-based or a technology-based company, but you must be able to demonstrate novel solutions that match the challenges identified, and how such challenges can be tackled using your solution.

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