“This will drive our commercial growth” delighted Cambond CEO welcomes grant of European patent.




22 September 2021: Cambond is pleased to announce that it has received a Notice of Allowance from the EU Patent Office for one of its core technology patents – Biocomposites and Methods of Use.*



Prof. Zhao CEO said “Cambond is scaling its business in the UK and establishing a manufacturing base. The Notice of Allowance is a big vote of confidence in our technology and will establishes a firm commercial base for expanding into the EU and US in due course”.


Cambonds ‘green’ resin forms the base of its materials platform. Cambond resin can replace oil-based chemicals (epoxy, urea formaldehyde resins) to produce sustainable, low-carbon materials and composites. Development work has shown the resin can be combined with many other materials, including many types of biomass, plastics and other industry waste products, to make low carbon construction materials and consumer products.


“Cambond technology is a way of developing low carbon products using existing manufacturing processes and will be a simple solution for many companies seeking to fight climate change by reducing their carbon footprint” said Gareth Roberts (Business Development). Biocomposites can replace plastics and other problem materials in the campaign against Climate Change.


Cambond has already demonstrated that it can produce sustainable low-cost resin at scale and is now bringing its technology to market with a network of industry collaborations.

Cambond is working on a series of projects to showcase their biocomposite technology expertise – materials that can up-cycle waste streams, reduce carbon emissions and save manufacturers and customer’s money.




*European Patent Application No.17825910.7 – Bio-Composite Materials and Methods of Use


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Gareth Roberts

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