Cambridge Cleantech delivers UK government’s Act4Green programme

Meet the 24 Indian and British cleantech companies building solutions for a net zero future


Cambridge Cleantech delivered a three-month intensive capacity development programme to help 24 cleantech companies from India and the UK to expand internationally and win investment. 


After an extensive selection process, the UK Government Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO)  announced the 24 companies who have made the shortlist for the Act4Green programme to support cleantech businesses in the UK and India.  


As part of the UK-India Tech Partnership, the FCDO had joined forces with leading cleantech accelerators in India and the UK, including Cambridge Cleantech, to run the Accelerating Cleantech for Green Growth or Act4Green programme. The objective was to address the funding, mentoring and market access needs of Indian and UK cleantech start-ups by leveraging the expertise within both ecosystems. 


Indian and UK start-ups participated as a single cohort with the aim of encouraging peer learning, new tech R&D partnerships, and joint business development. Six of these companies went on to pitch before an audience of sustainability-minded investors at the next Cleantech Venture Day on 25th March 2021.  


The selected companies come from a wide range of sectors including e-mobility, smart cities and clean energy and provide solutions to several of the key focus areas laid out in the UK government’s ten-point action plan for a Green Industrial Revolution 


Martin Garratt, CEO of Cambridge Cleantech, said, “The range and breadth of cleantech innovations coming from these companies is exciting to say the least. Cambridge Cleantech is proud to support these innovative companies on their business journey and to get them to a stage where they are ready to pitch before investors.”


Cambridge Cleantech is all about looking after startups and helping them grow through networking, meet-the buyer events, access to finance and entry to market. Delivering the Act4Green programme is real pleasure and the benefits will not only be for the 24 selected startups but also for the whole cleantech community in the UK and India. Enabling founders to get access to finance to develop their products and service and therefore make a positive impact to the climate is a real boost in the current challenging times,” said Sylvie Russell, who is leading the delivery of the programme from Cambridge Cleantech. 



COHORT 2020 

To view the Act4Green VC Connect Handbook, click here.

India Participants 


Chakr Innovation 

Chakr Innovation aims to combat the grave threat posed by pollution with a retrofit emission control device for diesel generators to effectively control pollution by capturing up to 90% of the particulate matter right at the source. 



SustLabs’s Ohm Assistant is an electricity activity tracker designed to help consumers become energy wiser and make their homes smarter with their real-time energy monitoring bot designed especially for residential electricity users. 


eee-Taxi Company 

eee-Taxi is an End-to-End E-Mobility solution provider, which integrates the EV’s, Charging INFRA, and State of art Technology together, to save Companies Time, Money, and Carbon emissions. Additionally, we create a shared EV charging network for other EV users to Charge their Vehicles 


EVage Automotive 

EV-age has built deep domain expertise and is focused on R&D efforts towards building one of a kind design and tech innovations, which reduces the complexity and cost in EV production leading to transformation in the logistics sector. 


BatteryPool (Divish Mobility) 

BatteryPool is a SaaS platform for fleets that enable them to deploy and manage EVs with minimal operational downtime. 


Go GreenEOT 

A deeptech battery startup which is vertically integrated to Software and Hardware built in the form of a Connected Electric Two Wheeler which is hardened for B2B applications. 


Imagine Powertree 

We invent, design, engineer and manufacture Solar Powered Products like (Solar Tree, Transportable EV Charger, Floating Solar From Plastic Waste) which looks beautiful, efficiently designed to inspire & generate electricity and solve problem associated in the targeted market 



SMV Green Solutions 

SMV Green Solutions works to provide safe, clean, and affordable last-mile sustainable mobility solutions. Also working to build an ecosystem by facilitating access, promoting inclusive mobility, and offering technology solutions in the sustainable transportation sector. 



POWEReasy enables an autonomous & de-centralised electrical grid. We have developed proprietary IOT systems that integrate and automate the functionality of a substation, switchgear and electrical team into one box that proactively protects for 20 electrical risks and saves energy 


Sheru (Seygnux Solutions) 

Sheru provides charged lithium batteries on pay per km to e-rickshaw drivers to increase their daily take home up to 2X, enabled by AI to optimise network and increase automation 


TekUncorked AIIoT 

TekUncorked LVIoT platform is making utility asset infrastructure connected, smart and predictive with an objective to cut down AT&C losses in distribution. 


M-Auto Electric Mobility 

M Auto electric mobility is a manufacturer of world class electric three wheelers, to set a different market and prospective to the Auto rickshaws 


Smarg Technologies

(Smart Facility Management, Traffic & Parking Solution) is an award winning next generation AI Driven platform for Smart Cities, Venues & Events that solves emerging challenges related to on-street parking, off street-parking, traffic management, communication, security and surveillance. 


ThinkCrazy Technologies 

MetroRide is a sustainable & environmental friendly AI powered last mile commute solution for Metro Stations using EVs. 


MinionLabs India 

MinionLabs helps businesses to reduce their electricity costs and improve their productivity by providing real-time device-level electricity consumption insights using a smart energy management solution by leveraging on data & 5 Ai practices. Thus making energy-efficient, sustainable and less climate risk. 


TechPerspect Software (ElectreeFi brand) 

ElectreeFi brings the Next Generation IoT Platform for Electric Vehicles. We are building India’s Largest Smart Charging Network of EV Charging and Battery Swap Stations. 


UK Participants 


SEaB Power Ltd 

SEAB designs fully automated, containerised systems which convert organic waste onsite into biogas for further conversion to biofuel or bottled gas.  


Senergy Innovations Ltd 

Senergy are pioneering advanced Polymer (plastic) solar thermal panels that can be mass manufactured and installed at a 50% lower cost than existing solar thermal panels made from glass, copper, and aluminum. 


LAT Water Ltd 

LAT Water has developed a low cost process using renewable energy or waste heat for cleaning heavily contaminated industrial water, enabling clean water recovery for a sustainable economy. 


R6 Eco-Engine Ltd. 

The R6 eco-engine can decarbonise the hardest to reach transport applications, responsible for c.60% of transport CO2 emissions. It generates electricity with the efficiency of a fuel cell but with 90% lower cost. Using hydrogen (or gasoline HCCI or biofuel) the R6 eco-engine enables zero carbon trucks, aircraft, boats and ships, with no compromise in purchase cost/ weight/ payload/ refuelling time. 


G-volution Ltd 

A low carbon technology using cleaner fuels to evolve existing rail businesses to cleaner, greener and cheaper vehicles, whilst building an infrastructure to support clean fuels in all sectors. 



Flywheel based energy storage; motor / generator & power electronics to deliver high power +/-65kW within 4ms; and can deliver 7.5 kWh energy capacity. A modular system and scalable 




At Gravitricity, we are developing a novel storage technology which offers some of the best characteristics of lithium batteries and pumped storage. 


S.e.eng LTD

S.e.eng use revolutionary, innovative and patented technologies for monitoring complex natural and anthropogenic systems, in particular through their systems managed by artificial intelligence, they are able to maintain constant efficiency of solar panels and their self-controlled maintenance.



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