Franco-British Trade & Investment Awards 2021



The DIT is pleased to announce the launch of the Franco-British Trade & Investment Awards 2021.



The Franco-British Trade & Investment Awards 2021 will celebrate French and UK business achievements during a challenging economic context, with a ceremony held at the Residence of Her Majesty’s British Ambassador to France on 2 December 2021.


Run as a collaboration between the Commercial Section of the British Embassy in Paris and the Franco-British Chamber, our Awards will champion the bilateral values that underpin the Franco-British economic relationship, as well as give visibility and notoriety to companies which have excelled in the years 2020 and 2021.


There will be a strong focus on young, emerging talent in France and the UK. Each Award will have innovation and young talent placed at the heart of the criteria.


We encourage as many exciting French and UK businesses to apply as possible – this is a chance to present your success, growth and potential!




Technology & Innovation Award

The Technology and Innovation Award will be presented to a company that has innovated through the use of new technologies.


Clean Growth Award

The Clean Growth Award will be presented to a company that is committed to cleaner economic growth, through either low carbon technologies or the sustainable use of resources.


SME of the Year Award

The SME of the Year Award will be presented to a company that has successfully exported or invested in the French or UK market for the first time, demonstrating a strong base, a strategic vision for international expansion and a commitment to exporting or investing in France or the UK.


The Jury Award: Contribution to Franco-British Trade & Investment

For 2021, the focus of the Jury Award will be on how the company has responded to the Covid-19 crisis, adapted to changes in supply chains or shown excellent initiative in responding to new market trends.

To be eligible for the Franco-British Trade & Investment Awards you need to meet the following general criteria, in addition to the individual criteria for each category:

  • Your company must have an HQ in either France or the UK.
  • Your company should have a relationship to both France and the UK, either through exports, investment, business operations or R&D.
  • Your business must have been registered for at least two years.
  • You must agree to the full Terms and Conditions set out here.