Recording Available – Innovative solutions to achieve sustainable indoor air quality


9th February 2022, 4 pm to 5:30 pm

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New innovations are emerging to provide better Indoor Air Quality for domestic properties, and we are here to explore them with you.

About this event


Join the Smart Sustainable Homes special Interest Group from Cambridge Cleantech and Oxfordshire Greentech with PJB and Retrofits Work  to learn more and discuss about Indoor Air Quality.

The race is on to decarbonise the 29 million UK homes. Our Sustainable Smart Homes Special Interest Group (SIG) is now approaching the issue of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in domestic properties, and as it turns out, improving Indoor Air Quality is the quickest and cheapest way to protect people from worsening air pollution.

The role played by indoor air both in transmission of disease and the general health and wellbeing of building occupants became headline news during the pandemic. As a good IAQ is critical to both achieving energy efficient buildings as well as good indoor environmental quality (IEQ), which will reduce the risk of pathogens propagation, including COVID-19.

Creating good IEQ by improving factors such as IAQ is increasingly recognised as improving occupant health comfort, physical and mental wellbeing. It also provides opportunities to reduce healthcare costs. In 2015, for example, BRE updated its research into the cost of poor housing to the NHS and found that improving the 3.5 million ‘poor’ homes in England would save the NHS £1.4bn in first-year treatment costs alone (source).

Even though not on the top of the agenda, IAQ is a subject that shouldn’t be ignored, especially as a minimu of 8.4 million people are still working from home (source).

New innovations are emerging to tackle the problem, and we are here to explore them with you.



Warren Pope, Retrofit Project Manager, RetrofitWorks

Alan Pither, CEO of Alan Pither, Energy Consulting and Training

Leonard Carey, CEO and Founder, Awaretag

Chunli Cao, CEO, Healthy Air Technology Ltd

Joe Hughes, CEO, Manx Technology Group

Interested in Smart Sustainable Homes Solutions?


If you are interested in this topic, you might be interested in joining our Smart Sustainable Homes Special Interest Group (SSH SIG).

This group is chaired by Peter Bates, Founder & Senior Partner of pjb Associates, and Warren Pope, Retrofit Project Manager at RetrofitWorks.