Meet the Buyer: Consensus Business Group (CBG)






Deadline for Applications: 4th February 2022

Application sent before the 11th of February will be considered


Venue: Digital Event


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What is their business?

Consensus Business Group “CBG”, is a leading investment group whose overall portfolio includes pharma, biotech, med tech, clean tech, real estate and other business interests.  It has a net asset value in excess of $1.2bn.  CBG is also believed to be the largest owner and asset manager of residential freehold interests in the UK.


CBG, together with the Israel Innovation Institute (NGO), has launched PLANETech, which, with the endorsement of Israel’s Minister for Environment and EU’s Ambassador to Israel, is supporting climate change technologies and building a global network for climate tech innovators, investors, governments, and multinational corporations facing the challenge of decarbonising the global economy.


Through the global PLANETech platform, CBG is now focusing on the Built Environment and developing a ‘One Stop Shop’ for all property related participants to source practical and validated solutions to reduce property related carbon footprints.


While building its platform to harness the best and most innovative technology for the Built Environment, CBG is looking to use its own network of real estate partners to prove the concept first. It is proactively supporting the UK’s Built Environment network to assist as many landlords and tenants as possible to access technology to enable as many as possible to become carbon neutral.


We are looking for solutions that can be applied to this built environment – whether it be commercial or residential property.


What are we looking for?

As a first step in its overall Built Environment platform, CBG is looking to create a complete list of green solution offerings that property developments can employ to help lower a properties carbon footprints.



Types of technology we are interested in includes but is not limited to:


  1. Energy: Clean energy production, Energy Distribution and Management and Energy Storage.
  2. Mobility: Vehicle and grid charging infrastructure, fast charging.
  3. Smart Buildings: Lighting, HVAC, heating, BMS systems, Building Automation, Information modelling.
  4. Water: Quality enhancing, leak detection.
  5. Green Financing options: Either in association with solutions offered within the categories above or stand-alone financing solutions that can assist wider property adoption of green technologies.
  6. Operational Efficiency: Not necessary applied to the property only – solutions that can streamline with ways in which properties are managed and operated.
  7. Resident Offerings: Landlords look at the fabric of the buildings. However, any green solutions / initiatives that could be extended as an offering to tenants / residents themselves would also be welcome.


CBG is open to all commercially viable solutions and will wrap a ‘Sustainability Offering’ to its network based on the best solutions identified. Experience within the UK market is beneficial, although an understanding of the market segments and its various constraints (residential – commercial) is more important.


What can CBG offer your company?


CBG aims to ensure a meaningful participation for all interested companies. There will be three phases to this process, starting with initial registration of interest, followed by submitting a full commercial proposal and ending with the possibility of piloting your solution in one of the properties.

Phase One – Registrations of Interest

Deadline to apply: 4th of February 2022

Phase Two – Full Commercial Proposals

Invitations Issued: 18th of February 2022

Full portfolio profile and a sample set up data will be provided for modelling purposes whereby initial scoping and desktop analysis can be completed.

Q&A session: 1st of March 2022

Proposals Submitted: 18th of March 2022


Phase Three – Validation of solutions

Invitations Issued: 18th of April 2022

Site visits to be undertaken to validate all assumptions and commercial propositions to be finalised

Final business cases delivered:  10th of May 2022

The reaches of the PLANETech Built Environment platform covers all areas of the built environment and combine to design, build, manage and utilise property experience across the board. We are looking for the best of breed who can hit the ground running and implement with sensitivity and awareness to the end property client. We need to see you understand the sector and its different clients groups but are also willing to work within our platform which will measure and monitor the impacts each technology solution is making in real terms.


Any questions?

If you have any questions, please contact Camila Vila-Echague by sending an email to