Ideation and Validation – Peterborough & Cambridge



Deadline: 24th February 2022



Do you have a business idea but don’t know where to start?

The Offer


Built for aspiring entrepreneurs, dreamers or fixers, who have an idea for creating an exciting venture – that might solve problems from the everyday to the existential.

The Allia Ideation & Validation programme is designed for you to plan out the early days of building a business, what you need to do to get set up for success and to identify if your idea has legs. Two months of free business advice, with expert workshops and dedicated support from a team of business advisors.


Get your ideas off the ground


The programme is two months long and includes a series of workshops, a dedicated business advisor to help you navigate entrepreneurship, and a community of like-minded entrepreneurs all building creative solutions for Peterborough, Britain and the world!

Programmes run throughout the year so find the one that works best for you!


Who are they looking for?


– Anyone who has an idea for a venture but doesn’t know where to start or just needs a helping hand in understanding the basics of building a business.

– Exciting ideas that challenge the status quo

– Open to all types of ventures emerging, whether they will be regular startups, charities, social ventures or any other vehicle you can come up with!

– People based in the Greater Peterborough/Greater Cambridgeshire area.



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