Sustainability: The Path To Net Zero



When: 3rd March
Where: Rothamsted Research Institute


Join senior business leaders and sustainability experts at the biz4Biz Annual Conference to explore how organisations can help drive the net-zero transition, and get practical guidance on how to shape and finance your business’ net-zero strategy.


Event sponsored by Barclays.

Sustainability is a significant driver of transformation in business. Businesses need to put more emphasis on sustainable practices rather than just focusing on the objectives of efficiency and productivity improvements.


Businesses should be acutely aware that the spotlight will increasingly be turned on to them, not only by governments, but by society at large. Now is the time that every company – from global brand icons to small single plant operations – recognise that sustainable manufacturing and business operations are critical to their future success and reputation.


The drive towards optimising manufacturing and business efficiency and productivity should no longer centre solely around performance and profit but equally revolve around sustainability, with sustainable practices being at the forefront of any companies’ transformation strategy.



It’s time to consider the methods used in your business and our Conference sets out to provide a starting point for your current carbon footprint and provide details and methods to effect change. The presentations take place throughout the day and there will be an exhibition area to establish new ideas. Whether you are a business making products, in distribution or importing from around the world there will be something for everyone at our Conference.


Who should attend? Environmentally- and Socially-Conscious Business Leaders seeking to reconcile purpose, people, profit and planet.


What will you learn? An understanding of the difference their business can make, and how these can deliver financial returns to their bottom-lines, and an appreciation of the importance of having ESG (Environment Social Governance) front-of-mind in Leadership.


Learn how to take the ESG (Environment Social Governance) journey forward in a sustainable and profitable way.


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