EPRG Energy & Environment Seminar Programme
Lent Term 2022



Tuesdays at 2-3pm

Online-only unless advertised otherwise

This series of event is being organized by the Cambridge University Energy Policy Research Group.



18 January

Jan-Horst Keppler (Paris-Dauphine University) On the socially optimal rate for the cost of capital in low-carbon electricity generation


25 January

Pierre Noel (Columbia University) China CO2 targets and the Paris Agreement


1 February

Grischa Perino (University of Hamburg) The Market Stability Reserve in the EU ETS: Firefighter or fanning the flames?


8 February

Dallas Burtraw (Resources for the Future) Quantities with prices: Price-responsive supply of allowances in emissions markets


15 February

Anupama Sen (Oxford Institute for Energy Studies) Electricity markets in resource-rich countries of the MENA: Adapting for the transition era


22 February

Christian von Hirschhausen (Berlin University of Technology) Decommissioning of nuclear power plants: Survey of a “new” challenge and three research ideas


1 March

Lucia Reisch (University of Cambridge) Behavioural insights-based policies for the energy transition (Note: In-person event from 12.30pm at Judge Business School)


8 March

Stefan Reichelstein (University of Mannheim) Capturing the economic dynamics of competing power sources




This series of event is being organized by the Cambridge University Energy Policy Research Group.

Contact Auriane at Auriane.cirasuolo@cambridgecleantech.org.uk to register or be put in touch with the seminar organizer. 



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