Carbon13 invests another £1.3 million into a second cohort of 12 decarbonisation startups

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Carbon13 invests £1+million across 12 startups generated by its Venture Builder Cohort 2, each with the potential to reduce CO2e emissions by 10 million tonnes per annum.

Twelve innovative carbon emissions-mitigating startups have been launched and invested in by Carbon13’s venture builder, just six months since we invested in eight from the first cohort. This brings the total to twenty venture investments in the last six months.


Each startup has received an investment of £103,000 plus in-kind support to fast track their development into highly scalable Net Zero ventures. It is the focus on decarbonisation and carbon capture which sets these ventures apart, each venture has the potential to reduce emissions by 10 million tonnes per annum – our threshold for investing.


The 12 ventures range from hardtech solutions such as carbon negative concrete and methane reduction, to food and biotech including alt-protein and algae; and software-based solutions such as carbon offset insurance, NFTs for the climate, and computer vision in agritech. The Carbon13 SEIS Fund II is supported by notable investors including ex-Dragon Nick Jenkins, Peter Cowley, Graham Hobson, Guy Farley, and Martin Frost.


Why Carbon13 is different: Focus and Teaming


Carbon13 is the only venture builder hyper-focused on generating ventures with the explicit goal of reducing CO2e emissions by millions of tonnes.

Just as importantly, the venture builder is “talent-first”, meaning we focus first on the founders’ potential to meet the challenge of building a significant venture, and only secondarily on the current state of their ideas.


This means that unlike incubators and accelerators, founders find cofounders from their cohort in the Teaming phase, and are supported to form high performance teams very quickly. 


The talent-first and mission-focused approach means that our cohort is significantly more experienced than comparable programmes; on average our founders have over 14 years’ experience.

And the cohort is diverse both in skills (mix of scientists, developers, entrepreneurs and innovators) and other ways: 7 of the 12 Cohort 2 portfolio ventures have female leaders.


Carbon13’s founder and CEO Dr Chris Coleridge said:

“from September to January, to see 65 people form 23 teams is remarkable, and 12 have such potential that we have invested in them. The talent and drive amongst entrepreneurs, both technical and commercial, to address the climate crisis is there, we just need to bring them together and provide an ecosystem for elite performance, and fast-track progress.”


Carbon13’s ecosystem


Carbon13 grew out of the Cambridge ecosystem of academia, entrepreneurship and innovation. This has allowed us to build a Net Zero ecosystem of our own, including partnerships with corporate innovators such as EY, Arm, DLA Piper and bp ventures, as well as over 100 domain experts and relevant investors like the Clean Growth Fund, Potential Climate Ventures, Octopus Ventures and Zero Carbon Capital to support the startups on their journey.


At the end of May, the ventures will be showcased in a series of events in Cambridge and London, aiming to raise seed investment to take them to the next level of development.


Original article by Carbon13