Meet the Buyer: Pitch your ideas to AGC Glass




Deadline for Applications: 24th of April 2022

Meet the Buyer event and 1-1 Meetings: 10th of May 2022, 14.00 – 17.00 GMT

Venue: InterContinental Hotel Park Lane, London

What is a Meet the Buyer event?


Meet the Buyer events offer interesting opportunities for your company to get in touch with the leading enterprises in a variety of business sectors. The event is invite-only and will give you the chance to have an individual one-to-one meeting with key decision-makers.

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What is their business?


AGC Glass Europe is the European glass branch of AGC (Japan), a world leader in flat glass. The AGC group has 200 companies in over 30 countries with more than 55,000 employees, focusing on 4 main business segments: Glass, Electronics, Chemicals and Ceramics.


AGC Glass Europe produces, processes and distributes flat glass for the building industry (external glazing and interior decorative glass), the automotive industry (OEM and replacement glass) and various other sectors (transport, solar power and high-tech applications).


In Europe, AGC Glass has 15 float lines that produce flat glass and around 100 other plants where glass is processed and distributed. In Belgium AGC has an international “technovation” center where 300 researchers work on improving the processes and inventing new products for future flat glass manufacturing and the glass products of tomorrow.


What are they looking for?


AGC glass is looking for solutions in clean energy for industrial use and deployment of solutions for Smart & sustainable buildings



  1. Active glass solutions (Building Integrated PV): we already have crystalline PV, transparent PV is our dream!
  • Looking for partners that develop integrations between PV and wall systems, capturing energy from the sun
  • Looking for scale up of renovations and building projects where massification (e.g. of solar solutions installed on buildings) was achieved.


  1. All kinds of experiences with modular buildings, integrations of building components done at production in factories making integrated ready for installation building elements (prefabrication) to be installed quicker on building sites/renovation sites.


  1. Recycling/circularity solutions related to windows


  1. Electric melting for glass furnaces


  1. Low-cost hydrogen solutions for industrial energy needs


  1. Carbon capture, storage and utilization (CSS/CCU) solutions


  1. CSVP (crystalline silicon solar voltaic panels) for solar power



  1. Industrial decarbonisation in general: we need to shift away from melting by gas to non-fossil energies.


AGC would also be interested to meet and hear from research organisations/ universities that have been involved in research projects, both national (UK) and EU (Horizon programme of the European Commission, LIFE programme etc.) around clean energy (hydrogen, electricity) for industry and/or solutions for smart and sustainable buildings.


Any pilot project for local government on smart & sustainable buildings or opportunities for test beds would be of interest for us also.

How can you apply?


If you are interested in this opportunity, please fill the form below, or contact if you have any inquiries.