Meet the Buyer: Waste Treatment with The Indaver Group 




Deadline for Applications: 24th of April 2022

Meet the Buyer event and 1-1 Meetings: 10th of May 2022, 14.00 – 17.00 GMT

Venue: InterContinental Hotel Park Lane, London

What is a Meet the Buyer event?


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Who is Indaver Group?


The Indaver Group offers its customers integrated services and top-quality total solutions for their waste management in several European countries.



Indaver’s core activity is the management of smart-waste management systems and the operation of complex and innovative processing installations for industrial and hazardous waste, household waste and commercial waste and biomass materials, always with a clear emphasis on sustainable material and energy management.

Indaver is active in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Portugal and Italy. The Indaver Group manages approximately 4 million tonnes of waste annually.


What are they looking for?


Indaver is looking for suppliers of “innovative breakthrough technology” related to recycling and sustainability.


Types of technology that they are interested in (but not limited to) include:

For hazardous waste:

o Metal speciation: under which from is a (precious) metal present in a matrix of water/solvents
o Plastic-to-chemicals: chemical recycling from plastics
o Recovery of phosphor (P) from ashes of dedicated wastewater sludge incinerators

For non-hazardous waste:
o Capturing, storing and/or utilization of CO2 emissions


Apart from these examples, Indaver is are also open to considering applications around other new innovative waste management solutions ideas that could help their business to become more

*Please note that they are not currently interested in waste-sorting technologies, given that they already have that implemented and covered.

What Technology Readiness Level (TRL) are they looking for?


TRL 6-9

How can you apply?


If you are interested in this opportunity, please fill the form below, or contact if you have any inquiries.