After receiving well over 100 applications from 20 countries and 7 cleantech sub-sectors, Cambridge Cleantech is proud to announce the list of companies who are pitching at our upcoming Cleantech Venture Day, held respectively in person and online on the 18th and 19th May 2022. The 18th will be a day of networking for innovators and investors and panel discussions held in person in London. This will be followed by top innovative pitches to an audience of high-profile investors looking for climate- positive solutions, to be held online on the 19th.

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Circular Economy

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BeWorks Automation

GB (Portsmouth) – TRL 1-3

A cleantech engineering startup providing turnkey green energy and e-mobility solutions to industrial, commercial and residential clients regarding the design, supply, installation & maintenance of produced solar and EV charging technologies.

Camfridge Ltd

GB (Cambridge) – TRL 4-6

Camfridge has developed the first solid-state cooling technology, that is cost-competitive, free of refrigerant-gas, largely circularly recyclable and energy-efficient.

Evoralis Ltd

GB (Oxford) – TRL 4-6

Evoralis is a spin-out from the University of Cambridge with the mission to enable sustainable recycling of plastic waste generated worldwide. Its technology allows the discovery and improvement of biocatalysts for the depolymerisation of synthetic polymers using an ultrahigh-throughput screening platform that is 1,000 times faster than conventional methods.

GREE Energy

Indonesia – TRL 7-9

GREE Energy designs and provides compelling biogas-to-energy solutions for treating industrial wastewater and capturing greenhouse gases, while at the same time transforming these liabilities into assets: clean energy for rural communities, clean water, renewable heat, and organic fertilizers. Transferring established technology to the Global South, our solutions are highly scalable.

RAIKU Packaging

Estonia- TRL 4-6

We have an absolutely new innovation in the packaging field – 100% natural and compostable, flexible, beautiful and cheap packaging material to substitute single use plastics such as bubble wrap.

Reath Technology Ltd

GB (Edinburgh) TRL – 7-9

Reath is a UK-based start-up, offering a B2B software solution for companies adopting circular, reuse systems. Reath powers reusable systems ranging from reusable packaging solutions for FTSE 250 retailers (e.g. Marks and Spencers), to world-leading reuse & circular economy scale-ups; all focused on keeping materials in use for longer

Energy (Generation and Storage)

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Laava Tech

Estonia- TRL 7-9

Laava Tech is an entirely new grow light and data management solution based on AI, capable of adjusting all parameters within the indoor farm to match the exact needs of each plant and save up to 88% of energy in the facility.

O-Innovations Limited

GB (Lancaster) – TRL 4-6

O-Innovations Limited is developing and commercialising our award winning and patented O-Wind Turbine. O-Wind is a bladeless wind turbine capable of harnessing horizontal and vertical turbluent winds and therefore can operate in environments where current micro wind turbines cannot.

Power to Hydrogen

USA (Ohio) – TRL 4-6

Power to Hydrogen is commercializing an advanced, AEM electrolyzer that cost-effectively produces high-pressure hydrogen, oxygen, and stores energy. The Clean Energy Bridge cell design offers the lowest cost hydrogen by eliminating expensive metal components like platinum, iridium and titanium, while capturing and monetizing byproduct oxygen in addition to hydrogen.

Sitigrid Ltd

GB (Bolton) – TRL 4-6

Sitigrid is a CleanTech company enabling the transition to a Net Zero energy economy by creating a platform for equitable local energy markets. Using distributed ledger technology, Sitigrid will create value by directly connecting energy consumers to generators, facilitating the avoidance of certain policy costs and stimulated distributed renewable generation.


GB (London) – TRL 7-9

Tem. is re-imagining the way we all buy and sell electricity by bringing us closer together through more direct transactions – enabling effortless access to true, traceable renewable electricity with increased value for all.


Switzerland – TRL 4-6

TwingTec’s develops the next generation of wind energy. The energy drone unlocks the powerful winds at higher altitudes producing more power than wind turbines with a fraction of the material and with highly reduced environmental impact addressing decentralized and on- and offshore markets speeding up the transition to net zero.


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GB (Bicester) – TRL 7-9

We offer an end to end solution for EV charging, hardware as a service and software as a service that enables global roll out of our proven technology in any territory.

Faradair Aerospace Ltd

GB (Cambridge) – TRL 1-3

Formed in 2014, British based Faradair has helped to evolve the global sustainable aviation sector over the past 8 years. Through the use of innovative technology and proven commercial aerospace industry experience, the Faradair BEHA (Bio-Electric-Hybrid-Aircraft) is new aircraft set to transform regional air transportation for all, via hybrid-electric flight.

Hy-Met Limited

GB (Midlands) – TRL 1-3

At Hy-Met Limited UK we are currently developing a measurement platform for hydrogen, targeting a range of transport and energy sector applications, consisting of three key components:
1) front-end ultrasonic sensing hardware
2) custom signal processing electronics and algorithms
3) advance analytics backbone software

Rhizome Energy Ltd

GB (Kent) – TRL 1-3

Rhizome Energy was founded by Raj Sharma and Bob Coates in 2018. We have used our core skills in the Oil & Gas and Marine industries to build up the business, providing high end engineering services to these industry sectors.


GB (Hampshire) – TRL 4-6

TISICS is pioneering 70% lighter components for greener and cheaper planes, spacecraft and electric vehicles, using world leading metal composite and additive manufacture technologies.


GB (London) – TRL 4-6

Carnot is a technology start up solving the trillion dollar problem of decarbonising the long-haul transport and off grid power sectors with our double efficiency hydrogen powertrain technology.

Greener Buildings and Manufacturing

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GB (London) – TRL 7-9     

Airex is a London-based technology startup with the mission to tackle Fuel Poverty and Climate Change. It is an IoT-enabled smart ventilation control (“intelligent airbrick”) that monitors the environmental conditions and automatically regulates airlfow.

Archipelago Technology Group Ltd

GB (Cambridge) – TRL 4-6

Archipelago’s Powerdrop technology enables you to halve the amount of chemicals used in coating treatments. Applications include industrial painting and agricultural crop treatment. Halving the chemicals used saves money, energy and cuts CO2 emissions.

Checkmate Innovation Ltd (Velocity)

GB (Colchester) – TRL 4-6

Velocity® is an ultra-low flush (1.4 litres) self-cleaning WC with touch-free lid and powerful but quite air-flush

Waste or Co2 removal

Food Recycle International Ltd

Australia – TRL TBC

We charge customers to collect one of the world’s most problematic wastes (food waste) and repurpose (sell) it into a market that is running out of the very same resource in a different form (animal feed).

Industrial Phycology Ltd

GB (Bristol) – TRL 7-9

Sustainable, Nature Based, Carbon Negative Water & Wastewater Treatment. I-Phyc sells its patented algal solution to Uk Municipal water companies to replace hazardous chemical dosing in the removal of phosphorous and nitrogen from wastewater.

RepAir DAC Ltd

Israel – TRL 4-6

At RepAir we develop a highly efficient and scalable technology to Direct Air Capture. Our electrochemical cell-based technology provides a modular low-cost solution for gigaton scale carbon dioxide removal.



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