We are looking for sustainable start-ups


Sustainable Accelerator brings together the UK’s leading team of cleantech entrepreneurs and venture capitalists to support pioneering sustainability start-ups.


πŸ“… Apply by 5th September 2022 at sustainableventures.co.uk/accelerator

πŸ’‘ The accelerator is organised by Sustainable Ventures

🎫 Β£125k – Β£200k equity investments


We leverage our sector network to identify high potential technologies and coachable founders which will gain momentum from equity investment leveraged by our Accelerator programme.


According to Beauhurst, β€œcompanies that attend accelerators raise 44% more money than those that don’t. They are also 75% more valuable”.


Sustainable Accelerator provides a unique blend of equity investment together with expert commercialisation support.




Eligibility criteria

β†’ Company has a clear sustainability impact
β†’ Team of at least two entrepreneurs
β†’ High growth potential
β†’ First or second professional funding round
β†’ Proven technology concept with MVP
β†’ Distinctive tech intellectual property
β†’ Innovative business model
β†’ Manageable execution risk
β†’ SEIS or EIS advance assurance
β†’ Clear exit strategy

Ideal applicants will be in the sector of:Β 

Agritech & Food
Circular Economy
Future Mobility


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