Operating in the circular economy: From idea to Business



📅 When: Wed, 22 Mar 2023, 16:00 GMT

📍 Where: Oxford

💡 Event organised by Oxfordshire Greentech and Mewburn Ellis

🎫 Free


Oxfordshire Greentech and Cambridge Cleantech invite you to Join us and experts for our event on circularity and innovation. The event is 1.5 hours in length, followed by drinks & networking.


We have expert speakers:


Eleanor Maciver, Mewburn Ellis

James Hayward, Cambridge Future Tech

Tiancun Xiao, OxCCU

Martin Lamb, Enval

Come along if you are a:


  • Innovator in the field
  • Businesses interested in the circular model
  • Business that is already circular
  • Generally interested in the circular economy

Who should come?


  • Innovators in the field
  • Businesses interested in the circular model
  • Businesses that are already circular
  • People interested in the circular economy




1. Approaches to Funding/circular business models

2. Patents as a tool to further green businesses

3. Innovators in the circular economy

The Event


Excessive resource consumption has been flagged as a key contributor to both climate change and ecological breakdown. We are using more of the planet’s resources than our biosphere can safely afford and our current way of doing business means we follow an inefficient and wasteful linear model of take-make-dispose. Resources that could find new lives/purpose end up in landfill or incinerated.


However, there’s an alternative in the form of the “circular economy”. Keeping materials within the loop for longer means we can avoid emissions from the energy needed to extract and manufacture products – and repurposing materials can also save business costs and facilitate better relationships with your customers.



This event brings experts together on the circular economy to discuss taking great ideas and turning them into thriving businesses.


There will be three different speakers all discussing their expertise, including innovators that have taken their ideas into business; venture builders who have worked with start-ups to bring their ideas into this space and; what practical steps need to be taken to bring the ideas to market.


This will be a space to network with other green innovators and investors in the circular economy