BeWorks Automation – Crowdfunding | Accessible EV Charge points for Vulnerable Drivers



  • Deadline: 3rd May 2023
  • Target: £25,000


Social Change


Climate change does not impact every community equally. As we move to an all-electric, zero-emissions future, it is on us to lead positive change and implement inclusive solutions that bring everyone along, especially the vulnerable communities. The stigma of “unrealistic” disability advocacy is real, and many of us simply don’t like confronting people about accessibility problems. The industry today gets accessibility right, partially right, or completely wrong. We are here to challenge the status quo by creating an inclusive EV charger with 3 major elements: user experience, hardware and affordability.


There are a number of accessibility challenges with the charging infrastructure in the UK at the moment. This mainly includes issues with cable management, connectors, complicated apps and etc. But the really important point here is that in order to make the transition into electric vehicles successful, everyone needs to take part and no one should be left behind. So we need to think how to make this infrastructure accessible to all. It’s the right thing to do socially, and there’s also a commercial case for this. View more here.

Business idea


BeWorks Automation‘s goal is to design, assemble and put accessible charging stations out in front of the community, making them more sustainable. The innovative feature of this EV charger is in its mechanism – in its retractable automated cable management technique. The innovation aims to eliminate the problems with the weight of the cables required to plug electric vehicles (EVs) into the charger, and is a great solution for those who may have difficulties exerting the force required to attach the connector. Our EV retractable charger will be equipped with a state-of-the-art automatic electronic cable management system. The fully retractable power cable and connector will be stored within the units when not in use and will be locked in place. When the power button is pressed and a valid charge activation is received, the charger cables will come to the customer, eliminating the need for unwrapping them from the charging station or picking them up off the ground.


Milestones & Highlights


  • Our ‘Phase 1’ prototype has already been built and validated. The retractable EV cable technology has been assembled!
  • Our concept has been welcomed by the local authorities based in South-East England, including Portsmouth City Council and Isle of Wight Council. They are very interested in the concept of accessible charge points and would be happy to support us in development and as a potential user of the technology, subject to our development efforts.
  • We’re looking to arrange a pilot demo with Motability (Disability Charity) and scale the impact of accessible mobility across the UK!
  • We’ve confirmed the FTO (Freedom-to-Operate) status with the IP Attorney and we are going to file for Trademark Design & Registration once the final prototype is complete!
  • Achieved Her Majesty’s Ambassador Award for our efforts in green energy in electrification fields
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