AC Biode Announces Major Advance in Technology for Plastic Recycling



AC Biode, a member of Cambridge Cleantech, together with Environment Energy Co. Ltd. has developed a new technology that promises to revolutionize plastic recycling. The company’s catalytic pyrolysis machines, now available for shipping, convert between 50-200kg of mixed plastic per day into high-quality naphtha and diesel, using a cost-effective and efficient process.


Compared to current technologies, Pyrolyst’s process produces more and higher quality fuels, while featuring continuous residue discharge and dechlorination at only 420°C. In addition, the machines are designed for low maintenance, ensuring long-lasting performance with minimal downtime.

“We are excited to introduce our catalytic pyrolysis machines to the market,” said Robert Kunzmann, the COO of AC Biode. “Our technology offers significant advantages over existing methods, including excellent storage stability, high production efficiency, and a simplified manufacturing process.”




Pyrolyst’s machines use a decomposition catalyst for fat decarboxylation to convert mixed plastic into biodiesel fuel, which is mainly formed from C8 to C24 hydrocarbons. The resulting fuel has excellent storage stability, with no need for alcohol as a subsidiary raw material or glycerin as a by-product. Impurities such as dienes are unlikely to remain in the product, and the amount of coke generated is small.

In addition to the environmental benefits of plastic recycling, Pyrolyst technology offers significant cost savings and productivity gains for businesses. Firstly, some of the machines can be locally procured, reducing the investment required. Secondly, a simplified process and low maintenance requirements reduce running costs. The design of the machines prevents productivity from decreasing due to secondary tasks such as treatment and reactivation of used catalysts.


Overall, Pyrolyst’s catalytic pyrolysis machines represent a breakthrough in plastic recycling technology, offering a more efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable solution for businesses and communities around the world.


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