The City of Summerside: Request for Proposal



The City of Summerside in Eastern Canada is widely recognised as a leader and early adopter of innovation and investment in specific and growing sectors. They have a unique municipally owned infrastructure, combined with a business environment that encourages innovation, distinguishing it from other communities in Atlantic Canada.

Creating a Net Zero City


In early 2023, the City of Summerside will generate and distribute to its residents and businesses more than 66% of their energy requirements through renewable resources of solar and wind. The City would like to ensure its residents and businesses benefit from every net zero megawatt the City has to offer.


Looking to the future, which is what Summerside is focussed on, it is important that the City and its residents are aware of the level of Green House Gas (GHG) emissions that are being created by its collective actions. Simply put – Mike Thususka says “if we can’t measure it – we can’t manage it”. They believe this baseline measure of GHG emissions is an important step in our progression to creating Summerside as a Net Zero City.

Request for Proposals


In a bid to ensure The City of Summerside benefit from the experience of those that have already started down the road to Net Zero they have issued two RFP’s, the first being a GHG inventory of the businesses, residents and municipality operations and the second is a tactical economic development plan for the expansion of the Clean Technology Sector in Summerside.