20 of the best cleantech startups to showcase their climate solutions to impact investors.


Cambridge, United Kingdom, 3rd August 2023 – One of the UK’s largest investor events for climate tech innovation has announced the finalists shortlisted to pitch at Cleantech Venture Day in London this October.

Green solutions include an on-demand clothing manufacturing technology that eliminates 20 billion unsold garments each year, 100% compostable protective packaging that replaces single use plastic, and an Oxford University spin-out that changes the way valuable metallic resources are mined, refined, recycled, and processed.

Since 2006, Cleantech Venture Day has been providing a curated programme of cutting-edge technology, investment opportunities and thought leadership from across the global cleantech and climate tech ecosystem.

Organised by Cambridge Cleantech, one of Europe’s leading climate tech innovation enablers, along with its sister organisation Oxfordshire Greentech, the upcoming event will be a forum for innovators, investors, large enterprises, and economic development partners to see next generation climate tech solutions and investment opportunities

Sylvie Russell, COO of Cambridge Cleantech, said: “There has never been a more critical need for investment to help accelerate innovation in clean technology. The UK’s energy, water, transportation, circular economy and built environment sectors have a combined value of £1.3 trillion a year, representing 20% of GDP. It’s critically important they transition to more sustainable solutions as a matter of urgency. There will be no second chances, it needs to happen now.”

Hannah Scott, CEO of Oxfordshire Greentech, added: “Despite the Government’s worrying announcement on North Sea oil and gas production this week, we have the opportunity to influence environmental and social change through our own ecosystem of partners. Cleantech Venture Day is an immediate opportunity for impact investors to help climate technology scale at speed”

“Transitioning to a net zero society is not only a huge economic opportunity for those who seize the moment, but also a planetary imperative, and one we cannot afford to ignore.”

Now in its 16th year, Cleantech Venture Day has already seen 220 founders pitch a variety of high impact, sustainable technologies, helping to raise more than £500+ million in secured investment.

Erik Solheim, former Environment Executive Director and Under Secretary General of the United Nations, is the keynote speaker on Day 2 of Cleantech Venture Day, hosted by KPMG in Canary Wharf.

“For the first time in history we have the ability to make a positive impact on climate change,” explained Solheim. “The acceleration of cleantech innovation not only helps us achieve net zero but demonstrates the economic benefits of integrating climate solutions with business.”

The five categories for Pitch Day cover Energy, Water, the Circular Economy, the Built Environment, and Mobility. The finalists are represented by startups from the UK, USA, Estonia, Belgium, Switzerland, and Finland. Investment stages include Pre-seed (12%), Seed (59%), and Series A (29%). Nearly a quarter (24%) are female-founded and approximately two thirds (65%) are EIS eligible and a third (35%) qualify for SEIS applications.


The 20 finalists selected to pitch at Cleantech Venture Day are:


  1. Pattern Project Artificial Intelligence (AI), made-to-order supply chain service for on-demand garment manufacturing, eliminating 20 billion unsold garments each year.
  2. RAIKU Packaging 100% compostable, protective packaging to replace single use plastic.
  3. Cambond manufacturing environmentally friendly bio-adhesives.
  4. Seloxium flocculation technology called Selectal™ that mines valuable metals from water.
  5. Ailuna sustainability engagement app which makes it fun to develop habits at work and at home that are good for you and the planet.
  6. InferSens Deep Learning (DL) sensor technology to transform the efficiency and environmental impact of mechanical and systems-engineering platforms.
  7. Teknobuilt Machine Learning (ML) solution that transforms the way energy, infrastructure and construction projects are built and operated.
  8. Thermulon next generation mineral-based building insulation.
  9. Freesuns integrated solar tiles for all types of roofs including traditional and heritage buildings.
  10. nHouse precision-built green homes using modular technology.
  11. SpinDrive Active Magnetic Bearings (AMB) technology that levitates the rotational movement of electric machinery, eliminating friction.
  12. Power to Hydrogen AEM (Anion Exchange Membrane) electrolyzer technology that converts renewable electricity and water into high pressure hydrogen and oxygen.
  13. Gravitricity long-life, underground energy storage.
  14. Dogtooth Technologies intelligent autonomous robots for harvesting soft fruits such as strawberries and raspberries.
  15. Verv Energy Smart AI Isolator energy saving technology for buildings.
  16. Hubl smart, secure, and affordable means of transporting temperature-sensitive goods from producer to consumer using its CoolRun technology insulated pods.
  17. NEVA Group marine innovation company that manufacturers electric boats from recycled materials.
  18. MOLE automated robotic EV charging technology for businesses and consumers.
  19. BOSAQ circular water technology providing reliable high-quality water supply for industry (process water) and government (drinking water).
  20. Clipper Automotive electric vehicle company looking to save 10,000 London TX4 taxis from the scrapheap with its fully electric conversion technology.

Cleantech Venture Day has been providing a curated programme of cutting-edge technology, investment opportunities and thought leadership from across the global cleantech and climate tech ecosystem.

“In the UK alone, billions of litres of water are wasted every day across the built environment through leaks and inefficient water management, which could be prevented with better monitoring technology,” said Dr Jana Voigt, CEO of pitch day finalists InferSens. “This is a fantastic opportunity to present our ground-breaking sensing technology to address the looming global water shortage crisis.”

For more information on Cleantech Venture Day and to view the 2-day agenda, please click here.

About Cambridge Cleantech

Cambridge Cleantech is a hub for international climate technology clusters which all share a unified goal of reaching net zero. As an innovation enabler, it fast-tracks the growth of sustainable, clean technology companies by connecting start-ups in energy, water, transport, the built environment and circular economy with investors, public sector bodies and multinational conglomerates. With the world transitioning to more stringent environmental standards, the clean technology sector is poised for exponential growth. Cambridge Cleantech helps transform smart climate concepts into commercial applications through its global network of innovation partners.

About Oxfordshire Greentech

Oxfordshire Greentech is the business network for a low-carbon future. With innovators, funders, academics, local authorities, and professional services supporting the growth of the low-carbon sector in Oxfordshire, the membership organisation hosts a range of professional networking events to encourage innovation, collaboration, and knowledge transfer.

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