Desafia London – Pitching & Demo Day Cleantech Spanish Startups


📅 When: Thursday 23rd Novmber | 4:30 pm to 8:00 pm

📍 Where: Sustainable Ventures / Conference Room, County Hall, Riverside Building, London, England, SE17PB


Join us for a demo and pitching day on Thursday 23rd of November in London. You will have the opportunity to hear from 10 cleantech spanish founders who are developing innovative products and services to address the most pressing environmental challenges. You will also be able to network with other investors, corporates and members of the cleantech community in London. Register now and secure your spot. We look forward to seeing you there!

Cambridge Cleantech along with the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL) are the organisers of the Desafìa London Immersion Programme. This programme sponsored by the Government of Spain supports Spanish companies in the clean and climate tech sectors, helping them to scale faster by accelerating their internationalisation process.

The programme will take advantage of the clean and climate tech cluster of the ‘Golden Triangle’ and will offer a gateway to key ecosystem players within London, Cambridge and Oxford. Visiting these three key cities, the participants will be immersed within each ecosystem, benefitting from valuable knowledge and connections.

Want to know more about the cohort?

1. 🌏H2Vector – Miguelangel Ocando – CEO Working to tackle CO2 emissions by creating a green hydrogen power model to power the future.

2. 🗑 TEIMAS ZeroCristina Vázquez Muiño – COO Provides technology for circular economy, waste management and sustainability, through technological solutions such as Teixo and Zero, they have provided specialised support for waste management since 2008, ensuring regulatory compliance and streamlining the flow and analysis of information to favour and promote sustainable businesses.

3. 🏭 Build to Zero – Miguel Méndez Trigo – CEO Experts in energy transition aiming to achieve a net-zero industry by the development of technology to decarbonize industrial processes. Focused on decarbonizing the production of electricity and thermal energy.

4. 💡 BeChainedStefano Melchior – CEO Builds the largest electric capacity network from demand flexibility to help grid balance, certify businesses carbon footprint and generate CO2 credits for sustainable innovation.

5. 🚘 Wattson Smart ChargingRuben Valiente – CEO & Juan Roldan Wattson is a mobile charging platform for ultra-fast charging of electric vehicles. Its main technological advantage is having developed high end mobile EV chargers.

6. 🛅 Citibox – Joel Tortolero – CEO Citibox helps people to receive its online shopping packages without any failed deliveries thanks to a smart locker system that allows the user to receive their packages even if they are not at home. That means an improvement in productivity and a large cost saving resulting in less travelling, less traffic and a daily CO2 reduction of 5.5 tons.

7. 🚁 Uali Iberica – Ian Bogado – CEO Uali fuses robotics + IoT + AI to anticipate the future 🚀 We help energy companies to protect their most important assets 🌎 while generating a positive impact on the environment.

8. 📰 eSavePablo Manzano Martín – CEO A platform for automatic data extraction in document s and optimisation of sales processes in the energy and telecommunications sectors.

9. ♻ recircularPatricia Astrain – CEO Recircular is an active platform that connects businesses for the valorization of waste as raw materials. They gather the alternatives that exist for a waste stream or by-product and connects generators and potential consumers to promote transactions to happen.s and optimisation of sales processes in the energy and telecommunications sectors.

10. 🚞 EVcharge Juanmichel Perez Thompson Offers an intelligent and agnostic SaaS energy management platform for electric charging infrastructure.