The Cleantech Venture Day is a pitching-and-investment day geared to the cleantech sector, where 20 of the most promising cleantech companies from across the UK and Europe pitching their ideas before experienced investors and corporate innovation leaders. New date to be announced soon.

Our annual conference, Cleantech Futures, brings together entrepreneurs, researchers and industry leaders in the clean technology space. The 2019 event was fully booked and featured several engaging talks from experts and policymakers.

Creating the Winning Teams of the Future

EVENT: Creating the Winning Teams of the (post-pandemic) Future
DATE: 18th June 2020 | 11:30am -12:15pm
VENUE: Online Webinar


EVENT: Public and Private Finance Insight  for the Cleantech Sector During COVID19
DATE: 4th June 2020 | 11:30am -12:15pm
VENUE: Online Webinar

UK – Polish TechChallenge

EVENT: UK-Polish TechChallenge
DATE:  30th of August 2020
VENUE: Online
FOR: SMEs in Co2 conversion, carbon capture, waste heat recovery, conversion of plastic waste, sustainable banking

E-MEET THE BUYER: Dansk Retursystem

EVENT: E-Meet the Buyer – Dansk Retursystem
DATE:  3rd of September 2020
FOR: SMEs working in compression of PET, aluminum and glass for recycling and IoT

MEET THE BUYER – Offset Company & Neue Effizienz

EVENT: Meet the Buyer Offset Company & Neue Effizienz
VENUE: Online
FOR: SMEs working in climate-friendly logistics packaging systems & load securing

E-MEET THE BUYER – Kautex Maschinenbau

EVENT: Meet the Buyer Kautex Maschinenbau
VENUE: Online
FOR: Circular Economy innovators

E-Meet The Buyer – Jokey Group

EVENT: Meet the Buyer – Jokey Group
VENUE: Online
FOR: SMEs working in sustainable materials for thin-wall injection moulding


EVENT: E-Meet the Buyer – Rotterdam, The Hague Airport, Netherlands
APPLY BY:  31st of July 2020
FOR: SMEs working in Mobility, Carbon, Aviation and Digitalization