25th March 2021 

Join us for Cleantech Venture Day 2021, the meeting place for climate-positive companies and investors. Take part in a full day of innovative pitches, talks and networking. Applications to pitch are open till 10th February 2021.

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You can now view the recording of our online events on our YouTube channel. Learn about the latest innovations in clean technology and expert advice on make your business grow. Have a look, and make sure to subscribe.

Recording Available – Climate Action 2021: Clean Water & Sanitation

EVENT: Climate Action 2021: Clean Water & Sanitation
FOR: Anyone who wishes to learn about water scarcity and what can be done about it.
DATE: 3rd February 2021
VENUE: Online

Cleantech International: Africa Week

EVENT: A full week of events focusing on Cleantech in Africa
FOR: For all technology providers and seekers considering expanding to Africa

DATE: From the 22nd of February 2021
VENUE: Online

Deutsche Telekom: Pitch on energy generation

EVENT: Meet the Buyer – Deutsche Telekom is looking for ways to re-think energy generation as higher energy demand is expected

DEADLINE TO APPLY: 5th Febuary 2021
Anyone involved in re-thinking energy generation and consumption

Green Tech Exhibition

EVENT: Green Technologies Grand Challenge Virtual Exhibition
FOR: Industry, business, local and regional policymakers, regulators, academics, university students… Anyone interested in Green Technologies
DATE: 3rd March 2021
VENUE: Online

Smart Home

Low Carbon Heating Solutions

EVENT: New Low Carbon Heating Solutions in Domestic Properties
FOR: Climate-positive companies, investors, influencers, students… Anyone interested in Sustainable Smart Homes
DATE: 3rd March 2021
VENUE: Online

Meet the Buyer: TIMM ELEKTRONIK – Moving software to the cloud

EVENT: Meet the Buyer – TIMM ELEKTRONIK is looking for a partner to take IntelliLock, the smart access control system for wind turbines, to the next level by moving the IntelliLock software to the cloud.

SMEs in the smart access control sector

Green Careers fair

EVENT: Green Careers fair (Careers Service and Cambridge Zero)
FOR: students interested in careers that have a positive impact on our environment
DATE: 9th March 2021
VENUE: Online

Cleantech Venture Day

EVENT: Cleantech Venture Day
FOR: Climate-positive companies, investors, and influencers
DATE: 25th March 2021
VENUE: Online

Shimizu: Present your cleantech solutions

EVENT: Meet the Buyer – Shimizu: Plastic waste management, battery storage for renewable energy, hydrogen generation from water, carbon offset, emission trading and reduction of co2, and insect-tech

DEADLINE TO APPLY: 7th April 2021
Cleantech SMEs looking into scaling up

Climate Exp0

EVENT: Climate Exp0, a showcase the latest thinking and most relevant international research in the run-up to COP26 around five key themes.
FOR: Online, free, and open to all, it’s an opportunity to connect policymakers, academics and students across the world.
DATE: 17th – 21st May 2021
VENUE: Online