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Connecting innovators to corporates

Top corporates and multinationals (such as ARM, Engie, and Anglian Water) frequently approach us to connect them with innovators in clean technology. If you are a small business member of Cambridge Cleantech, you can benefit from such exclusive business opportunities and introductions, and can showcase your product/service to large corporates through our Meet-The-Buyer events.

How Meet-The-Buyer events work

  • Large companies approach us with a list of technological innovations they are seeking solutions for, perhaps low-carbon innovations in building technology or technologies for hyper-local weather prediction.
  • We work with them to create a needs statement and share this with our members and other clean-tech organisations in sister organisations across Europe
  • Once interested members send in their proposals, each cluster shortlists suitable SMEs from their network and we send a final shortlist to the company.
  • We arrange one-to-one meetings between the corporates and the SMEs which they have shortlisted.

What is SCALE-UP and how can you benefit from it? 

Cambridge Cleantech is a member of SCALE-UP, a collaboration between existing, successful regional cleantech clusters in Europe. It gives an opportunity for our members to tap into cleantech clusters across Europe. What this means is that you, as a cleantech member, can take your idea to an investor or corporate based in Rotterdam or Brussels and grow your business internationally. Read more about the project here.

Since the SCALE UP project began in 2017, the six cleantech clusters in Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands, Sweden, the United Kingdom and Germany have successfully connected more than 500 innovative SMEs to corporate buyers.

“The meet-the-buyer event went very well and ARM were impressed with our solution. Thanks again for the opportunity – without Cambridge Cleantech, there is no way a company like us can get to the right people!” Bill Munday, Blendology

Meet-the-Buyer Programmes

E-Meet the Buyer: Jiangsu Huada Chemical Group

EVENT: E-Meet the Buyer with Jiangsu Huada Chemical Group

SMEs working in sustainable solutions in advanced materials, chemicals  and efficient clean catalytic technology development

E-Meet the Buyer: KTK Group

EVENT: E-Meet the Buyer with KTK group
12th October 2020
SMEs working in sustainable air purification solutions for the automotive industry

UK – Polish TechChallenge

EVENT: UK-Polish TechChallenge
VENUE: Online
FOR: SMEs in Co2 conversion, carbon capture, waste heat recovery, conversion of plastic waste, sustainable banking

MEET THE BUYER – Offset Company & Neue Effizienz

EVENT: Meet the Buyer Offset Company & Neue Effizienz
VENUE: Online
FOR: SMEs working in climate-friendly logistics packaging systems & load securing

E-MEET THE BUYER – Kautex Maschinenbau

EVENT: Meet the Buyer Kautex Maschinenbau
VENUE: Online
FOR: Circular Economy innovators

E-Meet The Buyer – Jokey Group

EVENT: Meet the Buyer – Jokey Group
VENUE: Online
FOR: SMEs working in sustainable materials for thin-wall injection moulding