Encouraging cleantech innovation

Cambridge Cleantech is involved in several partnerships that help further the cause of cleantech innovation. We are a member of SCALE-UP, a cluster of cleantech networks set up to encourage cleantech innovation in Europe and beyond, and are in the process of setting up similar cleantech networks in London and Oxford.

Mobi-Mix – Low Carbon Transport Systems

The MOBI-MIX is a low Carbon Transport Systems project

Sci-Fi – Smart Cities Innovation Framework Implementation

Smart Cities Innovation Framework Implementation (SCIFI) is an EU-funded project built around the use of open data to solve urban problems such as transportation, waste management and maintenance of infrastructure.

Scale Up – European Business Opportunities

Scale-Up is a collaboration between several successful European cleantech clusters: Cambridge Cleantech, Clean Copenhagen, Clean Tech Delta, Rotterdam and Cleantech Inn Sweden.

Oxfordshire Greentech – Low-Carbon Business Network In Oxfordshire

Cambridge Cleantech will be collaborating with partners in Oxfordshire to establish a brand new cleantech network, combining world-class innovation from the two cities.