Encouraging cleantech innovation

Cambridge Cleantech is involved in several partnerships that help further the cause of cleantech innovation. We are a member of SCALE-UP, a cluster of cleantech networks set up to encourage cleantech innovation in Europe and beyond, and are in the process of setting up similar cleantech networks in London and Oxford.


Smart Cities Innovation Framework Implementation (SCIFI) is an EU-funded project built around the use of open data to solve urban problems such as transportation, waste management and maintenance of infrastructure.

Scale Up

Scale-Up is a collaboration between several successful European cleantech clusters: Cambridge Cleantech, Clean Copenhagen, Clean Tech Delta, Rotterdam and Cleantech Inn Sweden.


GreenSoul is a research project aimed at achieving higher energy efficiency in public buildings by altering the way people use resources, both shared and personal.

Oxfordshire Greentech

Cambridge Cleantech will be collaborating with partners in Oxfordshire to establish a brand new cleantech network, combining world-class innovation from the two cities.