Supporters & Partners

Cambridge Cleantech is connected to a number of international clusters and cleantech organisations throughout the world who are playing key roles in creating a more sustainable future. As a member, you will have the opportunity to connect with local and international organisations and be able to get their support for you to scale your business.

Oxfordshire Greentech

Oxfordshire Greentech is a business network supporting the growth of the low-carbon sector in Oxfordshire, bringing together businesses and organisations to encourage innovation, collaboration and knowledge transfer. They are part of the OxFutures programme, a project supported by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and run through a collaborative partnership between the Low Carbon Hub, Cherwell District Council, Bioregional, Oxford City Council, the University of Oxford, and Oxford Brookes University to boost low carbon economic development in Oxfordshire. Cambridge Cleantech played a key role in establishing this new network and all members of Cambridge Cleantech are honorary members of OG, therefore able to access the same benefits as its members, and vice versa.


Department for International Trade

The Department for International Trade (DIT) helps businesses export and grow into global markets, providing services in over 100 markets throughout the world. They also help overseas companies locate and grow in the UK. Cambridge Cleantech works with the DIT to provide our members with opportunities to scale internationally.


Cambridge Science Park 

The Cambridge Science Park has played a pivotal role in the “Cambridge Phenomenon” – the transformation of Cambridge from a market town with a world-class university to one of the leading technology hotspots in the world. The 152-acre site is home to over 120 businesses, many of whom are working on potentially life changing technologies from personalised medicines and non-invasive cancer diagnostics to artificial intelligence, IoT, defense and connectivity, and more.


Water Innovation Network

The Water Innovation Network is a free business network and partnership initiative between Allia Future Business and Anglian Water, providing unique opportunities and support for organisations that have innovative solutions to business challenges within the water sector. Both Anglian Water and Allia Future Business are members of Cambridge Cleantech. For all water-related activities, we work in collaboration with the Water Innovation Network, giving our members a wider access to new opportunities.

Allia Future Business

Allia Future Business works  with entrepreneurs and businesses that aim to make positive change for people, planet and place. By supporting them, they help them to do more for their cause, more effectively and on a greater scale. Cambridge Cleantech is also based in Allia’s Future Business Center, home to numerous innovative businesses, aiming to make positive change.

University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership 

The University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL) is a globally influential Institute developing leadership and solutions for a sustainable economy. Having built individual and organisational leadership capacity and capabilities, and created industry-leading collaborations for over three decades. With their current Rewiring the Economy framework, they further catalyse change and accelerate the path to a sustainable economy through focused collaboration between business, government and finance institutions.

Cambridge Norwich Tech Corridor

Home to disruptive companies and cutting-edge research, the Cambridge Norwich Tech Corridor is uniquely placed to help address the grand challenges facing humanity.

Cleantech Delta

One of our partners for the Scale-Up project, Clean Tech Delta originates ideas and collaborates with its members and partners to close the implementation gap between said ideas and sustainable businesses. They offer business and project support and promote, coordinate and support cleantech opportunities. Their projects typically fall within te focus areas of circular economy, energy transition and Smart Cities.


CLEAN is a world-leading cleantech cluster based in Denmak with an international focus, and Cambridge Cleantech’s partner in the Scale-Up project.  Their mission is to accelerate the green and sustainable transition while realising growth for the Danish cleantech sector. A nonprofit entity, they create collaborations that ultimately lead to deals being closed and solutions being implemented in the public and private sector as well as in research institutions.


Cleantech Inn Sweden

Cleantech Inn Sweden is a catalyst for profitable growth through innovation and entrepreneurship with a mission to reach a sustainable society in Sweden and the world. With a vast network of startups and SME’s in the Swedish cleantech sector, they offer services to facilitate the creation of business relationships between innovative SME’s and international enterprises. They also work with Cambridge Cleantech on the Scale-Up project.

Cleantech Flanders

Cleantech Flanders is a non-profit networking organisation which accelerates cleantech implementation at companies through co-creation, collaboration, matchmaking, events and knowledge sharing in the Flanders region and beyond. They are also a partner in the Scale-Up project.


London Growth Hub

The London Growth Hub, supported by the Greater London Authority and the Mayor of London, brings together the capital’s vast business support offer into a single resource. Cambridge Cleantech is delivering the Cleantech session of the London Growth Hub’s Meet The Buyer programme to connect small businesses in London to corporate buyers.


Clean Growth UK

Cambridge Cleantech is on the Business Support, Commercialisation and Investment Framework to support cleantech SMEs as part of the Clean Growth UK project which brings together three thriving regional green innovation networks:


The Green Growth Platform – University of Brighton

 Low Carbon Eco Innovatory – Liverpool John Moores University

Greentech South – University of Portsmouth

Global Cleantech Cluster Association

The Global Cleantech Cluster Association (GCCA) is a fully independent and open platform designed to support the development towards a shared economy and low carbon prosperity. As a meta-cluster GCCA provides access to capital, corporates, markets and insights. With the GCCA Deployment HUB Network and its digital platforms in Europe, Asia and North America, GCCA drives the modernization of cross-border business collaboration by converging physical and digital cluster ecosystems. Its vision is to drive sustainable regional economic development on a global scale.


Global Business Inroads

Based in India, Global Business Inroads (GBI) is a project management consulting entity which specializes in the cleantech, energy and environment sector. GBI has expertise in technology transfer and project management with focus in technology, life sciences and ICT sectors. Having supported over 200 institutions, corporates, MNCs, SMEs and startups from around the world in various capacities, they develop ecosystems with both global and regional stakeholders including local capacities, government liasoning and strategic financing & investment consulting.


China Cleantech Collaboratory

China Cleantech Collaboratory is an internationally networked cross-border technology and commercialization accelerator with support from government, academic, industrial, and financial institutions. As China embodies some of the largest and most urgent demands in the world for sustainability solutions, they are dedicated to helping emerging Chinese and Western clean energy and environmental sustainability companies leverage China’s large market opportunities and favorable commercialization ecosystems to accelerate their path to market to become global leaders.

Greentown Labs

Greentown Labs is the largest clean technology incubator in the US, based in Boston. They have supported more than 170 start-ups in fields ranging from energy generation and distribution, transportation, agriculture and waste, to robotics and process efficiency. Their vision is to foster a passionate community committed to solving the world’s biggest efficiency, energy and environmental challenges by providing the resources and labs startups need to succeed.

Intellectual Property Intermediary (IPI)

Based in Singapore, Intellectual Property Intermediary (IPI) was established under Singapore’s Ministry of Trade and Industry. IPI focuses on industry needs and translates their innovation objectives into specific technology requirements to enable enterprises to develop new processes, products and services. Over the years, IPI has developed a global network of technology partners and a technology marketplace featuring innovative technology from a wide range of industries.


Australian CleanTech Network

Australian CleanTech provides companies and project proponents with all the services required to deliver cleantech projects. This includes activities through the commercialisation of products, the delivery of strategic initiatives for established businesses and the development of partnerships and strategies to make step changes to performance. They believe that Investors, project proponents and governments have the same goals of delivering successful projects that are both profitable and assist communities to live more sustainably, but that each group uses different language and different measures to describe these goals. They also provide investors with research, sourcing and transaction management services to enable investments to be made having fully considered the risk profile and opportunities available.

Young Green Tech (YGT)

YGT empowers young creators and doers to create transformative solutions. Based in Guangzhou, China, they are leading an exchange competition programme for young entrepreneurs who want to create positive change in tech and environment. During their 2019 exchange programme, in their finals they showcased many technologies such as blockchain, Internet of Things, big data, as well as eco-energy and sustainable development. The innovative and environmentally friendly projects presented through the YGT competition are not only closely related to people’s daily work and life but also make an impact towards the future development of knowledge and economy, highlighting the power of environmental impact held by the younger generation.